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Q.1. Where can the queries regarding the franchise of Smaken be submitted over the internet?

- You can submit your queries only through the franchise query forms available on our official website i.e. Any other website that claims to be associated with us is inauthentic and we request you not to apply for our franchise elsewhere.

Q.2. Are there any Channel partners in the market who help in procuring Smaken franchisee?

- Yes. Smaken has associated with it channel partners, who act on behalf of the company to offer to buy our franchise. Each of these channel partners have their own unique code. The franchises coming via such partners also are entitled to availing a discount.

Q.3. How much franchise fee and royalty, does Smaken charge?

- At present, Smaken does not charge any Royalty or franchise fees. Smaken also does not plan to introduce any such costs in the near future.

SQ.4. How can I contact the person who manages the Smaken franchise department?

- You can get in touch with a Smaken executive in many ways. The executive can be contacted online through the Smaken Website. One can even write a mail in order to get a response from our side. Smaken also has its own dedicated hotline, which it has launched for its customers and perspective franchise owners.

Q.5. Wherecan the information regarding Profit Margin, ROI and other financial dates be found?

- The information regarding Profit Margin, ROI and other financial dates are only shared once you are selected as our prospective franchisee.

Q.6. Is a Franchise owner/ Manager required to be available all the time at the store?

- Smaken has introduced a totally unique and innovative system of mobile management for its Franchise owners. This unique platform gives an opportunity to the Franchise managers to manage their stores while they are mobile! It enables them to take active part in their business even while staying distant from it.

Q.7. I have not received any reply from Smakens side even after submitting the franchise forms multiple times.

- Smaken appreciates the queries that are sent to it regarding the franchises and we apologize if you haven’t received a reply from our side. It is due to the reason that we do not solicit to buy or offer to sell our franchise, not making us obliged to reply. But we surely try to respond to maximum number of queries from our side. Many a times the reply could also be delayed due to the submission of an incomplete form.

Q.8. Which are the cities that Smaken is considering for franchise queries?

- Smaken is keen to give its franchise to people selecting a location in Delhi and NCR. Smaken also considers all the nearby cities of Delhi for Franchise. Some of these cities include- Manaser, Rewadi, Dharuera, Gaziabad,etc

Q.9. How shall I send a proposal to become a distributor for Smaken?

- Smaken offers exclusive distributorship. The proposals can be sent at

Q. 10. Q. In what time duration can I expect a reply after submission of an online form?

- The reply after submitting an online form can be expected in 2-3 business days.

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