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What is Franchise

Smaken is an evolving and growing company that whole-heartedly supports the flowering up of new business opportunities in Delhi and elsewhere. We are of the opinion that our franchise holders are chief contributor to the success of the company. For the same, we aspire for the progress for each of our franchise holders as much as we do for Smaken. This has resulted in an all-round development of the company. We also encourage the development of entrepreneurial talent in the industry and thereby provide our resources for the proliferation of new franchise opportunities.

Smaken works on Newton’s Third Law, which explains that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Our business model functions to maintain a level of equilibrium between regular customers as well as franchise holders. Essentially, we function as diligently for our business-to-customer activities as we do for business-to-business. This is why Smaken is beyond all competition.

Payments We Accpet
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