Double Scoop Ice Cream

Mission & Vision


We aspire to provide our consumers a world class experience of an exquisite range of ice-creams and chocolates. We help them create the most memorable experiences with their loved ones without worrying neither about quality nor the price.

Smaken also brings to its franchisee holders a thriving business experience they would look forward to and regard as their own. We aspire to create an expansive entrepreneurial experience for our franchise holders and carve out leadership from every association.


Smaken strives for an exceptionally fantastic experience of enjoying the most premium quality ice-creams and chocolates.Weendeavor to provide our consumers the best quality ice-creams at competitively low prices.

Further, Smaken firmly upholds the value and participation of its franchisee holders for the purpose of mutual growth and prosperity. It is our earnest effort to build flourishing and life-long relationships with our franchise holders.

Payments We Accpet
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