Double Scoop Ice Cream

Why Smaken Franchise

  • 1.
    We are the first company to offer the highest margins (30% to 150%)
  • 2.
    We are the first company to manage sales and marketing of its Franchisees
  • 3.
    We are the first company to take up the task of managing operations for its Franchisees. We manage operations with the remote technology
  • 4.
    We are the first company to empower our Franchisee holders with the opportunity to participate in mass distribution
  • 5.
    Smaken is the most high-tech ice-cream selling brand in India
  • 6.
    We can boast of the most organized work flow
  • 7.
    We charge no royalty from Franchisee holders. Thus, extremely sophisticated without any major investment
  • 8.
    We strongly affirm that Franchisee growth leads to the company’s growth
  • 9.
    At the same time, we are proud to flash our competitively low prices for our Franchisee holders
Payments We Accpet
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